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Refurbished Golf Cars

Remember when you took a car and stripped it down and brought it back to almost new, replacing parts and double checking everything? Sometimes you felt like it was better than new? All that hard work was just the labor of love, and the finished car was something to be proud of! Sometime it was tough finding those original parts and sometimes they were a bit more expensive than other knock-offs, but having the genuine parts made all the difference...didn't they? We have the same attitude and love here! We refurbish some of our prime Golf Cars much the same way. During the process we replace any part necessary with Genuine Factory Authored Parts... we don't cut corners.... because you deserve the best! When we offer one of our Refurbished Golf Cars, you can be confident that we did it right and we did it with love. While adhering to our strict code of excellence in refurbishing our Golf Cars, we do offer many options and accessories. Please stop by and let us show you how you can save possibly hundreds of dollars and have a beautiful Golf car!

Refurbished Golf Carts for Sale