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Before You Set Off!

Make sure the charger plug has been disconnected and the plug and lead is in a safe place away from your cart.  A quick lift of the seat to check your battery cables before your journey is advised.  Corrosion can develop very quickly and the most common  breakdown is a corroded battery cable. You know
this will happen to you when you are the furthest distance away from home

Make sure that the brake is engaged and the direction selector is in neutral, (Some Yamaha’s don’t have a neutral) BEFORE turning the key switch to ON.

Never put your foot on the brake and accelerator at the same time. This can burn out electrical parts very quickly.

Never hold the cart on a hill by using the accelerator. Always use the brake.
Just like with your automobile, always turn the key off and engage the park brake before exiting your cart.
Don’t use cleaning chemicals that include ammonia in them. This can damage curtains, windshields and seats.
Don’t leave your curtains rolled up if they are still wet. This can lead to mold problems.
Always bend down and unsnap the curtains by prizing the snap away from the body . Damage to the curtain is often seen by just pulling the curtain. A little Vaseline smeared onto the snap will prolong the life of both the snap and the curtain.
The tires on your golf cart are a lot smaller than your car. They don’t hold much volume of air, so the air pressure will need to be checked often. Check on the side of your tire for the correct pressure. Just a few pounds low and your speed and economy will be greatly reduced. More information is on our website.
Try to keep your cart out of the Florida sun. This will save the tires from premature dry rot and the curtains from drying out and cracking.
Try to keep your cart away from damp conditions. Mold is a problem here and can permanently discolor the seats and curtains.

There are many types and power outputs of chargers on the market these days.
Most of them are now the automatic type, that charge to the correct level and switch off automatically. If you have the manual type (This type has a timer dial on the front) please call us to explain the correct way to use them.
Keep it in a well-ventilated area, away from damp or wet areas.

Helpful Hints

Traditions are created over time! Country Club Cars has a reputation for being helpful. There are many days you can sit in the showroom and hear customers asking questions about how to do this and how to do that.

We have made it our business to help you in any way we can, from free advice to excellent service. We enjoy helping you and encourage you to read our Helpful Hints section from time to time as we up-date it with new information.

Additionally we have included a sugestions called "looking after your Batteries" with some profesional videos from Trojan batteries...enjoy!

We have posted the top Helpful Hints here!

Take Care of Your Batteries

"Looking after Your Batteries" Here is are several very important and informative videos from Trojan Batteries. They explain the technology, how to determine the health of a battery,  how they are made and maintenance tip! Battery health and maintinance is critical to the operation of your Golf Car!