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Experienced Used Carts

We call them experienced cars, yes they are used and we offer them in a wide variety of conditions for almost any environment.
Some customers are looking for a utility Golf Car to use at their personal residence on their acreage, while others are looking for a well maintained and inspected car that can cost less than $3,000.00.

We have it all. Some of our trade-ins are reconditioned and offered for sale. Others have a bit more experience and are offered "as is" and can be considerably less.

But wait...We mentioned inspected! Here is what we do before we offer one of our used Golf Cars for retail sale. Of course there are some cars that are just sold wholesale, as-is, with out inspection and that is disclosed at time of purchase!

Look below to find one that catches your fancy and come on in for a test drive!

When we said we inspected our Used Golf Cars before we offered them for sale, we wanted you to know we were serious. Not every used car makes the grade. Over the years we have seen some pretty abused Golf Cars and it is our belief that sometimes they are just not good enough for you. Where do they go? We normally wholesale them off or keep the good parts .  Here is what we do to inspect our used cars;

  1. Test drive evaluation.
  2. Check frame for corrosion, or damage.  Reject and scrap cart if excessive.
  3. Inspect and service complete brake system.
  4. Fully service cart and inspect all steering components for excessive wear.
  5. Check all springs, shocks and bushings. Replace as necessary.
  6. Check batteries  with discharge tester, If cart is to be sold with original batteries.
  7. Check all high power wires for corrosion, heat or damage.
  8. Visual inspection on accessory wiring and light wiring.
  9. Check all accessories included with the cart.
  10. Check tires.
  11. Wash, paint, clean and polish cart.
  12. Check charger and charge cart

Used Golf Carts for Sale